Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gnome Shell Extensions Disabled at Login Bug

This is a known bug without an owner, this is a workaround relatively simple to implement.

Login as normal

Run a terminal
$ gsettings get enabled-extensions
@as []

@as[] is you're likely output if you are experiencing this bug

open gnome-tweak-tool

enable any extensions you want

back to terminal
$ gsettings get enabled-extensions
this time it will have a list of something like

['', 'force-quit@alvin.mitesdesign', '', '', '']

  • run gsettings
  • click Add
  • Any name will do
  • gsettings set enabled-extensions "[__OUTPUT_LIST FROM ABOVE__]"

  • Include the double quote " and the brackets []
  • Click Add 
Close and done.

You can follow progress of this bug on Launchpad
Thank you to Llyo for posting this solution, it was difficult to follow if not familiar.